Amethyst Technologies, LLC is forming Aeon Technologies and entering into a partnership with Frostburg State University and Allegany County Government after 13 years of successfully developing laboratories to international standards for the US government in the United States, Africa, and Asia.

The affiliation will capitalize on expanding opportunities for laboratory testing, quality assurance services, and global health initiatives from a new facility being developed in the Allegany Business Center adjacent to the FSU campus. The parent company is headquartered in the bwtech@UMBC tech center located in Baltimore County and occupies 5,000 square feet of office and laboratory space there.

“Although this partnership has been in negotiation and development for many months, the parties involved are very aware that recent needs for testing and research brought forward by the COVID-19 pandemic may be an immediate opportunity for our community,” commented Commission President Jake Shade.

Aeon Technologies will provide technical assistance and innovative solutions to improve global health, and also will seek manufacturing, testing and research contracts in partnership with Frostburg State University. The new laboratory will support commercial research, global health, pharmaceutical testing, agriculture industry, food and beverage industry, and water/sanitation sectors.

Dr. Kimberly Brown PhD, founder of Amethyst and president of Aeon, completed her graduate studies at the University of Maryland College Park and is internationally recognized in field of global health. She has served as an advisor for the White House Council on Doing Business in Africa and has supported World Health Organization initiatives. Dr. Brown will join the teaching and research faculty of Frostburg State University under terms of the Aeon Technologies’ local partnership agreement.

Prior to making the commitment to locate in Allegany County, Aeon identified significant revenue over the next ten years in providing comprehensive testing services to the private sector; technical services to the myriad of government agencies and private companies – as well as research collaborations for development of intellectual property. This new area of research and technology development will enhance the national and international reputation of the University, Allegany County and the State of Maryland as centers of technology, testing and health science innovation.

Aeon’s business plan is based on funding expansions through the Allegany County Futures Fund, an effort spearheaded by Commission President Jake Shade and by various federal designations, including HUBZones and recently enacted Opportunity Zones. The investment in Frostburg will be used for office and laboratory setup, business development, salaries, expenses, and equipment. Additionally, the company will be applying for workforce development funding to support staff training in corporate policies, ISO compliance, and FDA compliance.

Aeon will expand into Allegany County and projects the creation of 10 technical positions within the next two years in underutilized business zones. Expansion in Allegany County will bring the company an advantage in market share for testing contracts in the region and allow the testing laboratory to become a HUBZone company eligible for federal funding and set-aside contracts.