Bret Michaels says that Slash almost joined Poison. “So, we interviewed guitar players and it came down to C.C., it was Slash, and I believe it was Steve Silva from the Joe Perry Project. All of them were amazing. So one of C.C. and me’s biggest arguments was I thought C.C. was an amazing songwriter and player, and so were Slash and Steve, but when we sat down as a band—we laugh about this to this day—I said, ‘Well, I choose Slash!’ And then one guy was like, ‘I choose Steve!’ And then the other guy, he’s like, ‘No, no, no, we want C.C.!’ It went on and on. So me and C.C., to this day still, he’s like, ‘You didn’t choose me!’ But it was a great time. And everything happens for a reason. … C.C. was meant to be with Poison, and Slash with Guns N’ Roses, and Steve then went to the Joe Perry Project. It all worked out to where it was supposed to go. … You have to have ‘C.C., pick up that guitar and talk to me!’ It’s the only way it works.”